Featured Video - Nicole Moneer's Full-Body Pregnancy Workout

There’s a lot of misinformation out there on both prenatal and postpartum nutrition and exercise.

Every woman’s prenatal and postpartum journey is unique….

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Grayson's 3rd birthday party pics! So fun. So grateful to have this kid in my life everyday along with all our mom and dad friends their kids/Grayson's friends and Mimi & Pap pap!
Recovering from your kid's birthday party takes the cake, no gym workout or birthday celebration of my own has ever had me exhausted for days. 😴
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Nothing beats motherhood! ❤️Whether your goal is to look better, feel better, start a family, have a positive birth experience or help you and your family get healthy...nutrition does matters.
Visit my my websites to learn more or private message me with questions. www.nicolemoneer.com and www.healthymomhandbook.com
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it's a form of self-care that I've enjoyed for more than 20 years, it's a healthy way of life that I can't imagine my life without, some days it's a stress-reliever other days it makes my body feel strong challenged and that I can accomplish anything. It's opened the door to thousands of great people and far away places, it's given me a great sense of purpose and joy when teaching others how to workout properly and for their goals. It's been a gift, I'm always grateful for the ability to sweat, lift, bend, stretch and to move my body the way I have for decades and as a career. Your turn ☺️ ... See MoreSee Less

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I stopped drinking protein shakes in 2013. I started eating real unadulterated foods at all meals and haven't stopped since. Many ask me to recommend a protein powder for them. This here has recently been my go-to for a real unadulterated food protein shake.
Raw whey from a local farm
Vital Proteins collagen peptides (only 1 ingredient with over a dozen health benefits)
1 whole pastured egg raw
Organic Cinnamon
Organic Vanilla
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That feeling after you slay your workout!
The last time I did these stairs I was 7 months pregnant, that was in 2014. I made it 7x up and down. Normally I did 10x up and down the 126 stairs. Three years later, I was able to do 10x up and down again. I felt great, surprisingly, since I rarely do cardio.
How many of you plan to slay your workout(s) this week?
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Luau King 😍 #stud #luau #luauparty #summer #grassskirt #fun #lei #smiles ... See MoreSee Less

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My 1st holy yoga experience. Powerful. It's nice when my clients help me get fitter in certain areas of my life, like spirituality.
NOTE: They actually encouraged us to take pictures during our practice that typically is not allowed during yoga classes.
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Read if you want to improve the health of your mind and your body!

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Always strive for excitement. 😎💄💃🏽👠👙✨⭐️🏆✈️On the red carpet at the 2011 Ft Lauderdale Cup. I've been fortunate to be a part of many cool exciting things...one of them being an IFBB bikini pro who traveled the world competing and representing both the IFBB & @bodybuildingcom. What an opportunity of a lifetime! If you can dream it (which I did) you can become it (which I did). Go make your life happen. ... See MoreSee Less

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One arm bleacher dips & one arm bleacher pushups. Since I didn't post outdoor exercises the last 2 weeks here are two exercises that can be performed outdoors or indoors with a bench. Some weeks I get so busy with mom-life I don't have time to post daily or shoot video. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
My one arm push-ups aren't what they used to be. I have cranked out 50-80 alternating at a time! I need to do them more.
If you want to attempt these for the first time try them on your knees or with a bench. It's half form and have strength so keep trying.
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I’ve worked with Nicole for 9 months, twice a week in one-on-one sessions. I knew of her from just being a member at Lifetime Fitness, where she was a trainer and taught some classes I took. For several years, I admired her posts on social media, in which she emphasized the importance of proper nutrition as a form of preventative medicine, as well as the power it can have in healing chronic disease and illness…

Melissa s.

Nicole Moneer helped me tremendously by advising me on nutrition and workouts. I lost 25 pounds and 4 inches in my waist as a result of her guidance and insight. Before I started working with Nicole, I struggled for more than 10 years to lose weight. I also struggled with heartburn and a variety of other physical ailments. Her guidance on eating real food and taking proper supplementation have cured my heartburn…

Scott B.

My time with Nicole has been above and beyond my expectations. I thought I would sign up with Nicole, she would show me a lot of different work outs, I’d get her opinions on different foods and supplements and that would be it. She taught me way more than I could’ve imagined! Nicole is teaching me different work outs every time we meet. Whether it’s lifting weights or doing Pilates reformer…

Maureen B.

I had an unhealthy relationship with food going from one extreme to another, starving and binging. I used to work out just so I can eat whatever I wanted. Eventually, I would get too busy or get tired of working out and eating to my heart’s content would catch up with me. I’d gain weight and be unhappy about how I looked and worked out like crazy (sometimes as much as 2-3 hrs/day) to lose the weight…

Nancy K.