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There’s a lot of misinformation out there on both prenatal and postpartum nutrition and exercise.

Every woman’s prenatal and postpartum journey is unique….

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Does anyone else find it odd when people care more about their car, clothes or house, then they do about the foods they put in their body?
🙋🏻‍♀️I was that person in my teens, twenties and early 30s, I treated my body like a trash can- BUT I didn’t know better. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Then I saw the light made the change and never went back.

Knowledge is power as is feeling it firsthand yourself!

Organic farming IS NOT a trend it’s been a tradition since the beginning of time. When you buy organic you buy ALL of us out of a corrupt, dishonest system. Illness & chronic disease are far more expensive than shopping/eating organic- yes I WAS sick for 30+ years on our country’s food laden with chemicals and crap, so I can attest!!!

🙏🏼So grateful to have access to many local farms like this one where you can buy real unadulterated foods like eggs, poultry, beef and dairy. I’ve been shopping at this farm since 2013. Today when we shop, we also get to learn and connect with nature. What a treat for Grayson and his friends!
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All plastic is made from synthetic estrogenic chemicals that leach into our food and beverages. Many studies show that plastic causes a number of health issues- whether you’re using a plastic bag or saran wrap, a plastic bottle/jug or plastic container. Did you know that plastic is the number one carcinogen? It’s linked to more than just cancer, though. Exposure to these harmful chemicals has been linked to hormonal and behavioral problems in both children and adults along with heart and bone problems to miscarriage, infertility and birth defects.

Better storage options:
•glass jars or containers
•paper bags
•beeswax▶️ is functional, non-toxic, reusable, eco-friendly and a great way to wrap cheese, snacks and cover dishes.
•stainless steel

Each of us are at a different place in our health journey. For me, I stopped using plastic containers and bottles 4-5 years ago. I now use glass and stainless steel. I stopped using a microwave 2 years ago. I’m sloooowly switching out plastic bags and saran wrap with beeswax and paper now.

Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach
NASM personal trainer
Healthy cooking coach & meal prep
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Green leggings & a workout or green beer & a hangover? I think ya know which one I chose. 😉🍀💪🏼 Anyone else make a healthier choice today? Pat yourself on the back if you did. If you didn’t 🤷🏻‍♀️ tomorrow is a new day and a new week. ... See MoreSee Less

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Happy Flex Friday Eve! Anyone else getting it in 💪🏼🤪👊🏼🏋🏻‍♀️ ... See MoreSee Less

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Stand strong. We often have to experience a low point in life to learn a lesson we couldn’t have learned another way. The best lessons come from our hardest days.
Photo: Coach A, 2009 in Miami
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Many of us need to relearn being human.
➡️Don’t avoid eye contact. 🤓
➡️Don’t hide behind gadgets. 🙄
➡️Listen to others without cutting them off or speaking over them. 🤐
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I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Shefali this weekend. I watched her on Oprah during my pregnancy in 2014 and bought her book soon after. She has 3 books. I highly recommend this one to ALL parents no matter the age of your children.

Less control
More connectivity
More acceptance of our children as is
If you don’t want to be enslaved to the pressures of society this book is for you
If you’re ready to kill your ego, look in the mirror and do the inner work (a never-ending journey) then this book is for you

If you can attend one of her speaking events in person, I highly recommend that, too. She is even more beautiful, witty and full of spiritual parenting wisdom in person.
She’s from India, too...where my dad was born. That’s what she was smiling about ☺️
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www.healthymomhandbook.com a guide to preconception, pregnancy and post-pregnancy nutrition, exercise, birth planning, breast-feeding and more.

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Today Grayson said, “I wanna fight mommy”. It’s not the first time and I’m sure it won’t be the last time. 😆😉😍 ... See MoreSee Less

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If not, be sure to head over today for a Vital Proteins giveaway I’m having. Winner announced tomorrow. ☺️
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I AM WOMAN Campaign at the Bull’s game last night celebrating women and girl power.
Truly a sisterhood! What a blast it was to reconnect and dance with Luvabulls from the past. I was inspired by all: talented young girls age 6 on up to teenagers; to former Luvabulls; to former Chicago Bears cheerleaders, The HoneyBears who cheered back in the 70s & 80s!
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I’ve worked with Nicole for 9 months, twice a week in one-on-one sessions. I knew of her from just being a member at Lifetime Fitness, where she was a trainer and taught some classes I took. For several years, I admired her posts on social media, in which she emphasized the importance of proper nutrition as a form of preventative medicine, as well as the power it can have in healing chronic disease and illness…

Melissa s.

Nicole Moneer helped me tremendously by advising me on nutrition and workouts. I lost 25 pounds and 4 inches in my waist as a result of her guidance and insight. Before I started working with Nicole, I struggled for more than 10 years to lose weight. I also struggled with heartburn and a variety of other physical ailments. Her guidance on eating real food and taking proper supplementation have cured my heartburn…

Scott B.

My time with Nicole has been above and beyond my expectations. I thought I would sign up with Nicole, she would show me a lot of different work outs, I’d get her opinions on different foods and supplements and that would be it. She taught me way more than I could’ve imagined! Nicole is teaching me different work outs every time we meet. Whether it’s lifting weights or doing Pilates reformer…

Maureen B.

I had an unhealthy relationship with food going from one extreme to another, starving and binging. I used to work out just so I can eat whatever I wanted. Eventually, I would get too busy or get tired of working out and eating to my heart’s content would catch up with me. I’d gain weight and be unhappy about how I looked and worked out like crazy (sometimes as much as 2-3 hrs/day) to lose the weight…

Nancy K.