Featured Video - Nicole Moneer's Full-Body Pregnancy Workout

There’s a lot of misinformation out there on both prenatal and postpartum nutrition and exercise.

Every woman’s prenatal and postpartum journey is unique….

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I've enjoyed every moment of being Grayson's #mom ❤️😍😊
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Photographer @bersanophotography
May 2015
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Couldn't resist...some #superbowl #humor
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My 1st time eating sardines! 😱 I was actually scared...for no reason. They taste like tuna. 😋 My client @yelana_b inspired me to add these to my menu. I know exactly how good they are for you, especially, when pregnant or nursing. I definitely will eat them again.
How many of you are afraid to eat these? I often force myself to eat foods that I know are packed with nutritional goodness and find ways to prepare them in recipes that I really enjoy. You should enjoy the healthy foods you eat. I do. 🍴
Wild caught #sardines with organic quinoa pasta and organic strained tomatoes with basil and oregano and sea salt.
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Today kicks off @lifetimefitness 90 Day Challenge, a chance to win big cash prizes and a chance to change. If interested in joining our challenge or finding out about personal training discounts, nutrition counseling discounts and more comment below or message me.
Receive an additional 10% off ALL of supplements whether you purchase them in our Cafe or online using code #36870.
Our special pricing and discounts are only good this weigh-in weekend 2/6 thru 2/8.
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Do you even backbend? It's a natural range of motion for the spine & will keep your spine healthy as you age. If you suffer from back pain and poor posture, #backbends effectively counteract the damage of hours spent hunched forward at a desk, driving, standing, sleeping or on your phone.
My #momsinmotion Stacy and Cynthia demonstrate an advanced #Pilates backbend on short box. It's a great way to open up your hips, chest, shoulders, abdomen and relieve scoliotic deformities along with building confidence and self-esteem (especially in children). #fitfriday #spinehealth #moveyourspine #spine #posture #backpain #lifetimefitness @lifetimeschaumburg @lifetimefitness #fitmoms #health #painfree #fitatanyage #stretch
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2008 Bikini Universe @fitnessuniversetour The first time I entered the bikini category placing 2nd in my class. I started competing in 2001 in fitness. Fitness is the dance gymnastic routine category. Many told me to enter bikini. I really had no interest at first. Back then fitness was all the rage and bikini was new. I loved competing in the fitness category. I started dance at age 4, so I've always enjoyed performing on stage. Ha! Little did I know I'd capture a world title in bikini and later travel the world because of it. So glad I entered my first bikini category competition. What a ride it's been starting, in 2001 with #fitnessuniverse and retiring from the fitness category in 2009 and then continuing on with bikini in the NPC/IFBB from 2009 until 2013.
Suit by @tmariesuits
Location #Miami
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I need a selfie stick! Had a blast subbing cardio kickboxing @lifetimefitness for longtime #fitfriend Ron tonight. Close to 70 people with great energy!
#sweat @lifetimefitness #lifetimefitness #teach #goodenergy #healthandfitness #groupselfie #workoutwednesday
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Education! I bought these books before & after Grayson. I finally took the tests to make it official.
There are thousands of female #mom fitness professionals. Not everyone has gone through courses. Personal experience IS great but adding to it education on many topics one may not experience makes them even more valuable. I'm #grateful for my #mommy clients & more #education to make me a better #fitness professional. Any ladies interested in working with me during #preconception #pregnancy and #postpartum for #nutrition and #exercise private message me. Feel free to check out my #lifetimefitness client testimonials on my website. www.nicolemoneer.com.
#momswholift #momsinmotion #momswithmuscle #fitmoms #workout #prenatal
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Strengthening birth muscles & increasing joint flexibility before & during pregnancy will help prepare your body for birth.

Dr. Kathleen Vaughn, who studied the births of women in rural India found that "In practically all countries a restricted sedentary indoor life greatly increases the complications associated with childbirth". She further showed that in all primitive tribes living an outdoor and active life, childbirth is easy and labor is short. (Ramiel Nagel)

Every woman comes into pregnancy at a different place and each woman's journey is unique yet similar. No matter where you are at eating nutrient dense real whole foods along with exercise DO matter, they prepare women for a safe easy short labor.

If you haven't already check out my pregnancy workout on @bodybuilding.com at this link:


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ME vs. WE
Self-assessment time
In your relationships is it always about you?
I spent most of my 20s being selfish. So glad in my 30s I unlearned selfishness and learned from many great life lessons, especially the importance of "we". Life gets better when you focus on "we".
#me #we #mondaymotivation #inspiration #lifelessons #selfish
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I’ve worked with Nicole for 9 months, twice a week in one-on-one sessions. I knew of her from just being a member at Lifetime Fitness, where she was a trainer and taught some classes I took. For several years, I admired her posts on social media, in which she emphasized the importance of proper nutrition as a form of preventative medicine, as well as the power it can have in healing chronic disease and illness…

Melissa s.

Nicole Moneer helped me tremendously by advising me on nutrition and workouts. I lost 25 pounds and 4 inches in my waist as a result of her guidance and insight. Before I started working with Nicole, I struggled for more than 10 years to lose weight. I also struggled with heartburn and a variety of other physical ailments. Her guidance on eating real food and taking proper supplementation have cured my heartburn…

Scott B.

My time with Nicole has been above and beyond my expectations. I thought I would sign up with Nicole, she would show me a lot of different work outs, I’d get her opinions on different foods and supplements and that would be it. She taught me way more than I could’ve imagined! Nicole is teaching me different work outs every time we meet. Whether it’s lifting weights or doing Pilates reformer…

Maureen B.

I had an unhealthy relationship with food going from one extreme to another, starving and binging. I used to work out just so I can eat whatever I wanted. Eventually, I would get too busy or get tired of working out and eating to my heart’s content would catch up with me. I’d gain weight and be unhappy about how I looked and worked out like crazy (sometimes as much as 2-3 hrs/day) to lose the weight…

Nancy K.