There’s a lot of misinformation out there on both prenatal and post-pregnancy nutrition and exercise. Both do matter and are very important when growing a human and giving them a good start at life. However, preconception nutrition (6-12 months before conceiving) is critical and never gets mentioned. Every woman’s preconception, prenatal and post-pregnancy journey is unique. Although we women experience many similarities, there are a lot of challenges that come up each day or every week. Eating a wide variety of organic, unadulterated foods lays the foundation for conception, a comfortable pregnancy, a safer birth and the creation of a child with optimal health.

At 41 years of age, I got pregnant naturally and experienced childbirth without any medical intervention. I had never been pregnant before in my life.  I attribute this to a dramatic change in my diet 7 months prior to conception. I had a vaginal birth with no tearing, no epidural and no Pitocin.  I am grateful to the doula I hired and the birthing class instructor who helped me in reaching this dream. I also need to pat myself on the back for working through any fear I had in the months prior to giving birth and focusing on what my body was capable of, giving birth naturally. Grayson was born on August 18, 2014. My education and background, has allowed me access to information on this topic that most people don’t have easy access to. I spent the last decade turning my own health around, my book shares my story in detail. I was born sick. I had an upper respiratory infection my first three weeks of life, a fever at 3 months old and I was not breastfed. I was doomed from day 1 of life, which negatively effected my health until my early 30’s. I achieved my goal of breastfeeding Grayson until age 4. At age 5.5 he’s only been sick once.  I attribute this to the informed choices I have made around the foods he eats, breastfeeding and other lifestyle factors I’ve implemented into our lives. My holistic nutrition background, along with my own health transformation greatly contributed to Grayson having a good start at life.

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