There’s a lot of misinformation out there on both prenatal and postpartum nutrition and exercise. Both do matter and are very important when growing a human and giving them a good start at life. Every woman’s prenatal and postpartum journey is unique. Although we women experience many similarities, there are a lot of challenges that come up each day or every week. Good nutrition is the foundation for a comfortable pregnancy, a safer birth and the creation of a child with optimal health.

At 41 years of age, I got pregnant naturally and had a 100% natural birth without any medical intervention. Grayson was born on August 18, 2014. As a Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach I have access to information on this topic that most people don’t. I spent the last decade turning my own health around, my book shares my story in detail. I was born sick. I had an upper respiratory infection my first three weeks of life, a fever at 3 months old and I was not breastfed. I was doomed from day 1 of life, which negatively effected my health until my early 30’s. Kevin, Grayson’s father, had chronic ear infections in his first year of life, ADD as a child and now as an adult. At 14 months of age, I am still nursing countless times a day and Grayson has not been sick once. My holistic nutrition background, along with my own health transformation greatly contributed to Grayson having a good start at life.

I hope you utilize the pregnancy and postpartum articles on this page, that I have written, along with my pregnancy workout video. For more information on customized holistic nutrition for preconception, pregnancy and postpartum please contact me at


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From Fit Life to Mom Life

I’ve accomplished quite a bit in my 42 years of life. Upon graduating from college in 1994 I had a 7 year career at Nordstrom working in various capacities. Following that, I was a buyer for both Claire’s & Conair, a former NBA cheerleader for The Chicago Bull’s during the iconic Jordan years, an international fitness model and writer, a... Read More

Training For Two

As a retired IBFF bikini pro and Olympian, an international fitness model and writer, a team sponsored athlete and an NASM CPT & Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach, at age 41, I was preparing for the biggest triathlon of my life, pregnancy, labor and delivery and, of course, all that follows. In January of 2014, I took my very first... Read More