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CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach and International Federation of Body Building Pro Nicole Moneer has dedicated her entire career to helping people strengthen their bodies, minds, relationship with God, and sense of self-worth and confidence using her hard gained knowledge and expertise of eating right, exercising, and inward reflection to achieve both spiritual and emotional wellness. Starting with her time as a four year old saving her brother’s life as an only viable bone marrow donor, Nicole’s existence has revolved around bettering and enriching the lives of others, a fact that she would come to realize through much pain and suffering of her own.

She has not always been the pinnacle of health and fitness that countless people turn to for exercise and dietary advice though. It has been a long, uphill climb. From the day she was born up until her early 30s, Nicole has been forced to deal with various infections, physical pain and discomfort, fatigue,  asthma attacks and digestive issues, keeping her in a consistent cycle of prescription drug, antibiotics and medication usage which only exacerbated her physical ailments. Her relief came after completely putting an end to her dependency on prescription drugs and instead, began to make better eating choices, curb her alcohol consumption and smoking, detox to rid her body of harmful toxins, drop harmful people and relationships, and take natural supplements with the help of her integrative physician. While she has spent her young life keeping her body active with dance, cheer and performance, Nicole will be the first to tell you that you can look healthy on the outside, but be suffering on the inside. Yes, you can be “skinny fat” and even though she has grown up the daughter of a doctor and a nurse, the abusive, neglectful nature of her father and her mother’s oversight of healthy eating meant that Nicole would have to come to terms with her health and turn it around on her own. And that is exactly what she did.

Nicole’s commitment to eliminating toxic foods and medications from her diet, keeping her body physically fit, and helping others see the potential they have within themselves made her career as a professional fitness competitor and trainer the most sensible step. Her early years cheering on Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls as a World Champion Bulls Cheerleader with the Luvabulls gave way to the start of her career in competition. Competing in Ms. Fitness USA, the Arnold Sports Festival, and National Physique Committee events, Nicole worked her way up to Pro status with the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness, fittingly ending her competing career with the Sheru Classic in Pune, India, the birthplace of her father. And even though retired, she offers unparalleled fitness, health, and life guidance and support to prospective and active competitors as a personal trainer and life coach. She improves the lives of her clients and all those she encounters every day with her inspirational story and advice, only learned by one who has experienced chronic health issues, familial strain and emotionally draining relationships, and has come out on the other side.

As Nicole strengthened her body through competing and changing her diet and exercise routine, the lessons she would learn through her relationships would strengthen her spirit. From so-called “friends” who seemed to care more about competing and petty drama than supporting one another, to romantic relationships with men suffering from immaturity, substance addiction, excessive pride and inflated egos, each and every figure in Nicole’s life has helped show her the inner strength she has always had as well as the issues within her own self and past she knew she must face. All the disappointments and negative relationships only fueled her passion to use her experiences as a guide for others, to show people the value of honesty, open speech and self-reflection when trying to sustain relationships. Nicole could see the damage inflicted when communication breaks down in the cracks of her parents’ marriage and while it has been a bumpy road with many “life lessons” learned, it has brought her closer to the next step of her journey with the start of her own family.

Nicole Moneer has come a long way from that little girl born sick with an upper respiratory infection, bullied in elementary school and plagued by internal health issues. But, she is still the same Nicole Moneer who saved her brother’s life at four years old, loves her Indian heritage, and excelled at expressing her strength through her body, at first with dance and cheer, and later in the form of health and fitness. Her struggles and successes have been a source of inspiration for her friends and family, her clients and her countless fans. And she is determined to help everyone she encounters uncover their true potential as well. She has been able to help so many with her focus on eating healthy, taking natural supplements instead of prescription pharmaceuticals, tailoring your exercise routine to fit you, and cutting out negative people and influences in your life, as well as opening up your heart to God and the guidance that He can provide. The ability to improve our lives is in our hands. It just takes someone like Nicole Moneer to help show us just what we can do.

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