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Foam Rolling

   Meet my foam roll collection. I cannot live without these, self-myofascial release is a regular part of my exercise program. I recommend all... Read More


•WOW WOMAN & STORY• I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly, at our Luvabulls reunion/rehearsal in February for the March 5th Bull’s game. I was... Read More


INGREDIENTS: 1 1/4 cup organic apple juice 1 cup organic spinach 1 cup organic strawberries 1 cup organic cherries 4 scoops Vital Proteins beef gelatin... Read More

12 New Exercises To Try In 2018

Collagen Peptides – Dark Chocolate Blackberry Click the link above to get my favorite VP product, chocolate lovers unite!  A healthy option that won’t leave... Read More

The Calm Before The Storm

The calm before the storm! What happened about 5 seconds after was not as pretty of a picture. Grayson threw everything on the floor &... Read More


I brought this out to eat after dinner instead of ordering dessert from the restaurant.  Finding grass-fed burgers, pastured chicken or wild seafood is much... Read More

Grain-Free Muffins

If interested in individual, couples or family holistic nutrition counseling email me at Grain-Free Apple Cinnamon Muffins Ingredients 5 whole eggs 1 cup organic... Read More

Sweet Potato Taco Fries

These were a test and I know they are a kitchen success when my two year old son asks for more.  If interested in holistic... Read More

Raw Cacao Protein Mousse

Made this with real unadulterated foods, zero chemicals!  If interested in holistic nutrition counseling for yourself or your family email me at   INGREDIENTS:... Read More